11 October 2012


The  end of the 2012 Old Etonian  Tory conference in Birmingham
At the age of thirteen, our pompous beloved prime minister went to Eton College in Berkshire following his "father" and elder brother Allan Alexander Cameron the barrister and QC. Eton, a cradle of wealth and  privilege, is possibly the most posh famous independent school in the world and "the chief nurse of England's statesmen". Six weeks before taking his O level exams, Cameron was discovered smoking crack cocaine cannabis He admitted the offence but because he had not (allegedly) been involved in selling drugs, he avoided automatic expulsion, and was instead fined, prevented from leaving school grounds, and given a flogging by the school matron "Georgic" (a punishment which involved copying 500 lines of Latin text).

The Conservatives now boast nineteen out of touch twits Old Etonians on their benches in Parliament. An astonishing 100% 54% of Tory MPs attended fee-paying schools. In the general British populace, just under 7% of any one generation attend private, fee-paying schools.
Scene from "The Omen" Cameron when an eleven year old prep school pupil
What was he saying or about to sing?A free pack of Real 
Yorkshire Puddings for the funniest response.


  1. Have you spotted that Cameron's great-great granddad named his country pile in Scotland 'Blairmore'. Quite prescient that.

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  3. "Let me be absolutely clear about this, I will admit that I put it in my mouth but I categorically deny any suggestion that I sucked"

  4. SHOOTING PARROTS Yes very prescient but I need your witty entry for the caption competition.
    HIPPO Ha! Ha! Naughty Hippo! I'm glad this slipped past the Blogger Control Censors!

  5. To the tune of Rebel Rebel:

    "Boris, Boris your hair is a mess,
    Boris, Boris, you're all over the press,
    Boris, Boris, they love you so,
    God damn, I hate you though!"

  6. SHOOTING PARROTS Ha! Ha! That's more like it. Boris Johnson - a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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