5 October 2012


In a state of turmoil over The Real Yorkshire Pudding advertising campaign, I decided to walk away my confusion these last two days. Co-incidentally, the weather was quite lovely for October. On Wednesday, I parked up in the delightful Peak District village of Biggin for a four hour hike and on Thursday I parked on Station Road in the north Derbyshire township of Eckington for another four hour march down towards Staveley along a disused railway track and then through a plantation of willows to Foxstone Dam and back to Eckington.

Surprisingly, the River Rother had overlapped its banks south of Renishaw and I had to wade through a water meadow before reaching dry pathway again close to the curiously named Slittingmill Farm, Once back in Eckington, I visited TJ's sandwich bar where I enjoyed a mug of tea and a tuna mayo roll while reading "The Daily Mirror" and these awful revelations about Jimmy Savile which convince me he can't possibly have been a full blood Yorkshireman because we abhor any form of  sexual abuse and where children are concerned we form baying lynch mobs. What will his house plaques say now? "Here lived Jimmy Savile - TV personality, charity fundraiser, pervert and abuser of underage girls... oh, and his mother was Irish".

So, anyway, here are three choice photos from Wednesday's walk out of Biggin:-
St Thomas's Church in Biggin
Gratton Dale with evidence of lead mine workings
Rain cloud over Hartington Nether Quarter
And here are three from Thursday's walk out of Eckington:-
Toadpool Farm
At Foxstone Dam
French's Ironmonger's in Eckington


  1. I have never seen that shop before in eckington
    i need a visit me thinks

  2. Love the shop - very Open All Hours. As for Jimmy Savile, one of the aspects that has got my goat is Esther Rantzen demanding why no-one said anything while admitting that she had heard the gossip at the BBC and did nothing herself. Beggars belief.

  3. EARL GRAY Get there soon as Mr French was very doddery.
    SHOOTING PARROTS That shop - it was as if from another age. Regarding Esther Rantzen - she has done many good things - not least setting up Child Line. How ironic. No wonder she was beginning to blubber. What if it had been her daughter in Savile's dressing room?

  4. It is breathtakingly beautiful round your neck of the woods, Sir Pud. I can see why you love walking.

    I wonder if you'll have anyone posting excuses for Mr Saville?

    I thought the ad campaign was all sorted? I am the one who is sweating, I still have not received the work contract from the ad agency I need to support my visa application. You know how strict and efficient the UK Border Agency is.

  5. HIPPO In yesterday's "Daily Mirror" letters, several men were basically saying - Savile's dead let him rest in peace and why didn't the women come out of the woodwork before now? Utter tosh! Effectively, they are colluding with Savile. Would they say the same about Adolf Hitler? Forget the holocaust, the poor guy's dead?
    ....re.the ad campaign President Bloodletter has seen your excellent work with "Um Bongo", "Massive Garden Ponds Ltd" and "Genuine African Hippoburgers" but he's concerned that you are not actually from Yorkshire and he likes to put his money where his mouth is. You'll need to go to evening classes to perfect your Yorkshire accent as well as refining your burping and farting skills. Do you know how to knot a handkerchief to create stylish headgear?

  6. Guess I'm buggered then. President Bloodletter'll have a stroke if he finds out that most of the paternal side of my family came from Lancashire...

    And then of course, there's the way I speak.

    Gosh Sir Pud! I have to confess I am jolly disappointed, I was rather looking forward to donning the old boots and gaiters, pith helmet (from Lock's of course) and safari jacket (Thieves & Hawkes) and trekking northward, cleft sticks to hand to maintain communication with the civilised world, to the land of whippets, flat caps, quaint public houses with flagstone floors and spitoons and Real Yorkshire Pudding.

  7. Not only that shop but all of the photographs are as if from another age. I expected to see Heathcliff jumping over a stone fence, or at least Tess Derbyfield.

    I didn't say that very well. What I meant to say was that I expected to see Heathcliff, or at least Tess Derbyfield, jumping over a stone fence. I'm afraid I said something else altogether, didn't I?

  8. HIPPO Never stop daring to dream.
    RHYMES WITH PLAGUE I am surprised by the lewd innuendo as I had previously imagined that you were one of the blogosphere's most rigid moral guardians. By the way, there are no "stone fences" in Derbyshire - they are all stone WALLS - some are made from millstone grit, others from hard sandstone but here the rock is limestone - more difficult to build with.

  9. Nice to see you are still walking away the worries of the 21st century!
    Speaking of walks; I don't usually give myself free plugs, but I have finally posted on my blog on one of my favourite local South Yorks walks, in part inspired by yourself and Mr Fox's excellent walking posts. Check it out if you like ....


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