8 October 2012



You speak of Auschwitz
I think of the night Dad died
In that cold cardiac bed.
You talk of Dallas November 1963
I think of Mum September 2008
And her blue-eyed passion for life.
You remember nine eleven in New York
I think of our Paul in the County Clare
Early that late June morning two years back
He the fiddling raconteur and catcher of the rat.

You tell me of kings and queens and presidents
And treaties and wars and inventions
And transient celebrities and I
I think of weddings and births and funerals
And New Years' parties and work and holidays
And grinning friends.

You show me pictures
Of assassinations in Vietnam
Of adventures in Afghanistan
Of a striking miner in a copper’s hat.
I think of photos
Of our son up a tree and things like that
Of our baby girl’s first steps
Of Shirley on our wedding day.

What can I say -

Yours is like a celluloid tale or
Something seen through a high street window
While mine courses through my veins
- Such things so close to my heart -
Yes yours is akin to fantasy or mystery
But mine, mine is the real history.


  1. thoughtful YP

    I hope your birthday is going to be mroe frivilous

  2. That was a bit heavy. The photo of the guy getting shot was from a newsreel taken at the time. It was the first time I had ever seen one human being kill another, alright it was only on TV but as a kid it gave me nightmares. The guy who did the shooting, I understand, lived the rest of his life out in America. For me, it will always be a disturbing image, not least for all that I have witnessed since.

    I'm with John G. I hope you have a happy birthday. Sink a pint of heavy for me!

  3. Them's words them is....smashing.

  4. Wow! Well-expressed, you leave me impressed!
    If you ever need another job,Yorkshire's Poet is yours for the taking!

  5. EARL GRAY Some frivolity but mostly many calories. I'm bursting now!
    HIPPO I sank five pints of Tetley's cask ale for you. £15 should cover it. Please send your credit card details and PIN number.
    LIBBY Them's woz words an all lass! Thank you.
    BRIAN I'm so glad you "got it" Brian. It's not really about me at all - it's about all of us and gaining perspective about what really matters.

  6. A thoughtful poem YP. Yes, I liked it - Dave

  7. A bit heavy maybe but thought provoking. Happy birthday.

  8. YP, I have put the 15 quid behind the bar at Fat Hippo's. Here the beer is a dollar a can so that should give you four and a half litres, about a gallon.


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