12 June 2018


TRUMP So Kimmy, how come you're not wearing a nice tie and a white shirt like me?
KIM In Korea, black suits like this are all the rage Don.
TRUMP Well there's no way I would wear a suit like that dude!  It sucks!
KIM Shall we have a drink before we get started?
TRUMP Sure. I'll have a Dr Pepper.
KIM Let's see. Okay. They got me apple tea as I  commanded.
TRUMP Is there a bag of cheesy pretzels?
KIM Here Don. Catch!
TRUMP Oops! Hey don't laugh Kim! It was your throw.
KIM Butterfingers! Ha-ha!
TRUMP Screw you!
KIM I hear you like golf.
TRUMP Sure do Kim. I've got  four top, top quality courses. And some people say that if I wasn't the President of The Greatest Country on Earth  I'd be a shoo-in for the US Ryder cup team.
KIM I also like golf. I like to play "Golf Star" on my cell phone.
TRUMP Have you got any courses in Pong...Peong...your capital city?
KIM Only crazy-golf in my garden. I  have a windmill and a see-saw at hole number seven.
TRUMP Maybe I could build you a  fantastic, fabulous course in Pong... Peegone...
KIM Pynongyang.
TRUMP Yeah that.
KIM A proper golf course? You could do that for me...I mean... for the Korean people?
TRUMP No problemo Mr Kim. We'll call it  The Trump Pong Course.
KIM  What have I got to do?
TRUMP Just sign here on the dotard line.
KIM What's it say?
TRUMP It says, "I promise to get rid of  all  of our nasty nuclear weapons and I sincerely apologise for calling The President of the Greatest Nation on Earth a "dotard" "
KIM You're so sensitive! Will there be a club house with a nineteenth hole?
TRUMP Sure. Sure Kim. And it will be beautiful, so so beautiful and there'll be an amazing  fountain in the driveway and a historic statue of you and me shaking hands on this momentous day. It will be made from genuine American fibreglass but we'll have it sprayed gold.
KIM There. It's signed. Now that we have got the boring stuff done, how about an arm wrestling match Don? After all we have got three hours to kill.
TRUMP No problemo. I'll beat the shit out of you Little Rocket Man!
KIM Best of three!

 (They remove their jackets)


  1. Trump sounds mildly intelligent in this conversation. I liked the use of dotard!

    1. Mildly intelligent? He was the most gifted and capable student at The University of Pennsylvania, cleverer than any of his economics professors and there is no truth in the rumour that his academic success was down to plagiarism.

    2. Is that an Ivy League university?

    3. Yes it is. Most buildings are covered with ivy.

  2. Ha-ha, that's funny.

  3. Very funny; are they exchanging comic books later?
    Greetings Maria x

    1. They seem like comic book characters themselves.

  4. "Sign on the dotard line" made me laugh.

    1. I must be a dotard. I meant to write "dotted"!

  5. Sadly, that's the level of these two weirdos.

    1. Weirdos? It is not like you to be uncharitable Red!

  6. Ha! A well crafted and pitch-perfect dialogue, YP! Unfortunately, from what I've read, it sounds like the real thing was even LESS substantive.

    1. I am so pleased that you are not offended by my portrayal of America's 45th President.

  7. Unfortunately, that's probably just about how the conversation actually went. And as usual, #45 is wildly exaggerating what was accomplished. It's just another day in his reality show as POTUS.

  8. P. S. It was a funny post, though.

    1. I am pleased that this post made you giggle Jenny!

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