2 October 2019


The Sheffield and Tinsley Canal opened in 1819. For a hundred years it provided a vital transport link - allowing barges to travel right into the heart of the city. It runs parallel to The River Don which only becomes navigable in its lower reaches.
The canal is only four miles long and it is a marvel that it still exists because the working barges that carried coal and iron ore and the products of the steel industry have all gone. Nowadays, the only boats that travel on the canal are leisure craft.
Monday morning brought sunshine and blue sky so rather than wasting the day, I caught a bus into the city centre and then headed to Sheffield Canal Basin. It was not the first time that I have walked the length of the old canal but I doubt that I have walked it on a lovelier morning.
Light show under a bridge courtesy of sunshine and dripping water.
Along the way, I came across a married couple "fishing" with powerful magnets that pull metal products up from the bottom of the canal (See image below). A lot of stuff has been thrown in there over the last two hundred years. Magnet fishing? Mmm...that gives me an idea for Nurse Pudding's Christmas present! Who needs perfume or chocolates?
Below - detail of a narrow boat and its reflection upon the still surface of the canal:-
P.S. We are driving up to the North Yorkshire coast at lunchtime - to stay with friends in a seaside house they have rented for the week. Back on Friday afternoon


  1. You certainly do get out and about, regularly, Yorkie!

    How interesting the "magnet" fishing must be. Some of the "catches"...the results...through the years must be fascinating. Many untold stories among them, that is for sure!

    Enjoy your week away. I'm glad Clint is joining you, and not left fretting at home alone!

  2. Beautiful day. Nice that you're going to be getting away for a little while.

  3. I once thought it would be rather fun to live on a barge.

  4. Enjoy your break. Hope the weather is kind to you.

  5. Enjoy your days on the coast!
    I remember my walk along the canal in Sheffield some years back. My sister and I had been looking forward to it but were somewhat disappointed because it was not the idyllic path we had imagined; instead, there was a lot of rubbish about.
    Your pictures look really good, I like the reflections.

  6. You have some very artsy pictures there! I love the reflections, especially on the broken wondows and the bridge. Enjoy your week away!

  7. You must have been in a reflective mood, Mr. Pudding What a beauty of a day!

  8. Oh, I love that shot of the light show under the bridge - wonderful.

    Have a restful, enjoyable time away.

  9. On a programme (News? Country File?) I was watching they were talking about the dangers of magnet fishing. There was a chap on screen who had managed to pull out an unexploded grenade and it wasn't until he untangled it and was holding it that he realised. Apparently he is not alone. Who would have thought that magnet fishing could be an "extreme sport".

  10. Beautiful day and beautiful shots.

  11. When I worked in Sheffield City Libraries years ago, I produced an archive teaching unit on the Sheffield Canal. It had facsimile copies of early documents relating to the canal (rather like those “Jackdaws”. Remember them?) Have a look for it when you get back from your trip.

  12. wish you happy days with your friends !
    beautiful images

  13. I LOVE that picture of the reflected water ripples under the bridge. Nice job! I watched a video on YouTube not too long ago about magnet fishing. The guy doing the fishing got very excited every time he pulled up a 2p coin. I thought, "It's only 2p, pal!" I guess I'm a killjoy. Did the couple retrieve anything exciting with their magnets? I'd be afraid of snaring a bunch of shopping trolleys and old bicycles.


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