25 September 2011


Over six thousand photographs were submitted to "Geograph" during the week for which I won the honour of selecting the "photo of the week". Fortunately, one of the project's moderators had whittled the large number of eligible pictures down to manageable shortlist of forty five. There were numerous wonderful photos amongst them including these two superb pictures taken in the English Lake District:-
They came very close to winning but in the end I plumped for an action photograph taken in unpromising light conditions by a fairly new member of the mapping project who had never won before. The fact that he lives in Scotland and that the picture was even snapped in that heathen bagpipe-ridden land were negatives that I overlooked in making my judgement:-
I recognise the difficulty in taking a picture like that and I also notice the headlights with their reflections in the flooded road. The photographer called this picture, "Remnants of Katia" after the hurricane of that name that was recently exported to these sceptred isles by our American cousins. Grey squirrels, "Dairylea" slices, the atomic bomb, "Whoppas", Dan Brown and now hurricanes. What's next I wonder?


  1. You chose well. I love the silver and grey colour tones that tie the image together and those reflections are wonderful.

  2. A good choice, action photos are not easy and he has captured the splash so well, but be careful what you say about Scotland. Remember I am a Scottish landholder and therefore a Lady!! I might take offence.... and what's wrong with bagpipes anyway !!!

  3. Three stunning photos - I'd have chosen the top one but that's just because I like looking at mountains and the Lake District colours are fantastic.

  4. ELIZABETH Pleased you appreciated my final choice.
    McHELSIE What's wrong with bagpipes? They sound like deer being slaughtered!
    DAPHNE In the past so many Geograph winners have been mountain pictures. I kind of think that it's more easy to take a stunning photo when roaming in stunning scenery but it was an outstanding photo by a previous winner.

  5. Nice photo when you consider how misty the backgroud was.

    As to what next from 'over there', I've heard rumour of something called 'talking pictures'.

  6. HOOTING SPARROWS Talking pictures? That would be Satan's work! It will never happen!


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