10 September 2011


Christine Lee Hanson - the youngest victim of 9/11. Aged just two.
Robert Grant Norton - the oldest victim from Lubec, Maine. He was eighty five.

I found this letter from his niece in one of those online memorial sites:-

Posted by Annette on August 7th 2008

Dear Uncle Bob,

I just found this site and wanted to post something.... First of all, I still miss you and always will. You were a very special man and helped so many people in your lifetime ... little children, single moms, elderly people, and most anyone who crossed your path in life. I spent my childhood waiting for your visits to Lubec and absolutely loved spending Xmas with you. You always had a big smile on your face and a twinkle of love in your eyes. You made my childhood extra special and did the same for me as a grown woman and mom. Thank you for everything you did in my life. I know you are in a better place and look forward to seeing you there one day.
Luv you ... xo



  1. it was a terrible day YP
    it remains with you doesn't it?

    sounds like it haunts you a little

  2. Horrific day, it does stay with you.


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