28 September 2011


How lovely the weather this week - summer's last breath. I planned to go walking on the moors to the west of Sheffield - Houndkirk Moor, Burbage and Rud Hill. And the sky was sky blue and the light was as clear as Venetian crystal. I saw many things. Noisy grouse scooting off from their quiet resting places, toadstools in woods, a woman on a horse, truanting schoolboys on mountain bikes, a weasel poking its head out of a drystone wall. It was wonderful and it felt good to be alive. Here are some images I captured. Firstly, a boggy moorland pool with a view to the Redmires reservoirs:-
Bejewelled cobweb beneath Burbage Rocks:-
Eighteenth century milestone on Houndkirk Road:-
It took me less than ten minutes to get there by car. How lucky we Sheffielders are with the Peak District National Park right there on our doorstep. Why would anybody want to live in London or New York City or Gay Paris? To be out on those sunlit moors, why it makes you feel blessed.


  1. I love that moorland country. (But I grew up near Scarborough so I'm a bit biased)

  2. You ARE blessed, YP. This is a really lovely, upbeat post with some beautiful photographs and descriptions. I'm glad that you had such an exhilarating walk. I particularly love the delicate cobweb hung amongst the harshness of the heathland.

  3. Having driven over the Snake in the sunshine the other day, I have to agree with you.

  4. I love that you guys have named every hill, puddle, and rock. Really! When my stepdad had a cattle range in the Sierras, he had similar names for things, so he'd say "I saw 3 cows at Squeakin' Deacon (a tall, dead tree that squeaked when the wind blew), and a cow and calf by the Powder House (where dynamite used to be stored). He rode his range every day and knew every inch of it.

    Down here in over-inhabited land, the only names people know are freeway numbers.

    You're in a better place.

  5. The weather is amazing this week. You are right to make the most of it, YP.

  6. Lovely! I don't like cities in general at all though I'll make a bit of an exception for Paris and Barcelona - don't like London much, though. My family, friends and work are what keep me in the city where I was born - - but I wish I'd been born in the countryside and go there as often as I can.


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