23 September 2011


Hours passed.
They seemed like days -
Waiting for you
On that forgotten corner in unforgiving rain
Spotted by the streetlight's glow.

Days passed.
They seemed like years -
Aching for you
As if you'd be my missing jigsaw piece
Making sense of everything.

Years passed.
They seemed like moments -
Reaching for you
Like a trawlerman drowning at sea
Wondering where you were.


  1. YP, that is an incredibly beautiful and poignant poem.

    Is the lovely picture one of your own works of art? I was wondering why the man is holding his shoes? x

  2. That poem is amazing - haunting and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful sad poem - a love lost is often remembered.

    Anna :o]

  4. THANK YOU to Elizabeth, Jenny and Anna for taking the time to read this poem and to react to it. You are allowed to make of it what you will because a poem isn't always like a scientific formula - something explainable and clear. I was hoping for an "air of mystery". Is the narrator waiting for a lover? I'm not sure. Perhaps he/she was waiting for someone who's deceased or some kind of god to explain everything... Elizabeth - no it's not one of my pictures - I just searched for it and felt the mood of the picture fitted the poem.

  5. And it does just that, so well. x

  6. You really should publish your poems YP, they're fantastic.

  7. When I read this haunting poem, it immediately brought to mind the ending of the book, Doctor Zhivago. Not the movie, but the book. Beautiful and woeful poem, Mr. Pudding.

  8. Took me right back to the teenage angst of being stood up!


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