7 September 2011


When it's windy, random things are sometimes blown to our door. Today I noticed laurel leaves from up the street where Ken has been chopping the bush outside their house. Usually it's just waste paper or plastic packaging, sometimes the print-off of a paper lad's round, a crumpled invoice or a shopping list but a few days ago this appeared:-

Who wrote it and who to? I have no idea. It's just a random found document from suburbia. If you can't read it, it says this:

" I'm very sorry to hear that Simon died of cancer he was always a good man.
I was worried about making it up for the funeral as I'm schizophrenic and it's been flaring up recently so I didn't think I'd make it (and it was months ago)
Art therapy is what I do now. I hope to be an artist at some point
Take care"

There's something rather sad and yet heartening about that message. If my imagination were more fertile and my ability more profound, it could have been the spark to ignite a novel or at least a radio play.


  1. I wonder, since the note was blowing around, if the person it was meant for ever actually got it.

  2. It still could be, YP!

  3. concrete thinking and
    looks like a draft to me

    how sad...go on pud write that radio play

  4. It could well be schizophrenia -- looks like two different lots of handwriting.

  5. It's rather sad isn't it?

  6. JAN As John Gray suggests - it looked like a draft. There was a shopping list on the other side.
    JENNY Maybe. But not by me. Why don't you have a try?
    JOHN GRAY Not sure what you mean by "concrete thinking".
    SHOOTING PARROTS It's nice to see that at least one schizophrenic acknowledges his/her condition.
    MORNING AJ THanks for dropping by. Yes. Sad. A little glimpse into a stranger's private and somewhat troubled world.

  7. Definitely looks like a first draft for a letter but seems very sad I agree.

  8. concrete thinking is typical of severely depressed and long term psychotic people... they think in black and white terms not abstract.....


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