9 September 2011


Steering wheel found at Ground Zero. Now in the New York State Museum.


  1. i have SEEN THE LOCK NESS MONSTER,.,.,.in 1968 when i was a young un

  2. upset though that a scotsman beat an american for today's tennis match

  3. PUTZ Errr? Unsure that your comments "fit" with the image that I posted. I wonder if you meant to post them some place else?

  4. Knowing Putz as I do (which is to say hardly at all), I think he thought that the melted steering wheel looked a little like a sea creature poking its head out of the water. One must always read between the lines with Putz. He's really into tennis and left a couple of comments on my blog also about today's U.S. Open tennis matches.

    We write for an imagined audience, and the real one can sometimes be a shock.

  5. There are real people who simply very appreciative of what you do. Thank you.


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