2 June 2021


Pint O'Tetley's Please

Pray keep your wine from Burgundy
And your Holy Island mead
And carefully pull instead for me
The beverage that I need
A pint of foaming Tetley’s
That settles nice and clear
Elixir of life itself
That’s Tetley’s Yorkshire beer.

I journeyed to the corners
Of this planet that we share -
Crossing many borders
I travelled everywhere.
But nowhere was I served
A drink that could compare
With bitter brewed by Tetley’s
The best beer anywhere.

So keep your bourbon whiskey
And your stout from Ireland too
For foreign drinks are risky
Unlike my favourite brew -
The colour of dark amber
Our Yorkshire superstar
A lovely pint of Tetley’s

Settling nicely on the bar.


  1. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Tetley's is tea here.

    1. It's also tea here Andrew. The families - both from Leeds - were connected.

  2. Replies
    1. Tetley's is indeed a good one Madam Moon.

  3. I drank my first pint of English bitter in Lancaster.
    The Shakespeare pub is long gone: there is a blog on old Lancaster pubs.
    Scottish beer in 1970 was gassy. Bitter was sweeter.
    Southern Comfort, popular then, did not comfort me.
    As for bourbon, dreadful stuff ! Give me Scotch any day.

    Ava Gardner lived in Knightsbridge or Mayfair, and had crates of bourbon delivered to her apartment. Sinatra paid for everything.
    I was watching The Snows of Kilimanjaro on YouTube, with Ava and Greg Peck.
    Peck studied the way Hemingway walked, and he copied it.
    Ava came from White Trash, and studied under a speech coach.

    If you like the music of those days, listen to Joan Chamorro on YouTube.
    A lovely song, Blame It On My Youth, is sung by a sweet Spanish girl.
    Chamorro has a school in Barcelona for brilliant young musicians.
    The girl singing Night And Day would have delighted Cole Porter.
    Chamorro plays double base and wears a pork pie hat.

    1. Double base? Surely you mean - double bass? But please do not worry Professor Haggerty, we all make mistakes.

    2. Professor?
      I failed O-Grade Arithmetic. Three times.
      I still count with my thick Irish fingers.
      I got Stephen Hawking's *God Created the Integers* in my Book Den.
      As my California brother used to say: You figure it.
      Haggerty Still Sober

  4. I'd prefer a G&T with ice and a slice.

  5. I was just coming to say the same thing as Andrew....Tetley's Tea is what we have, but to the best of my knowledge we don't have the beer.

    1. I have seen cans of Tetley's for sale in Florida but it's just not the same as beer from the barrel.

  6. You'll be talking in a Wolverhampton accent next.

    1. Shhh! That can be our little secret.

  7. Oh, but you made me thirsty!! We have gotten some wonderful beers in Colorado lately....small breweries. Best in the country, they say. But, I would love to stop and have a pint after one of our long walks.

    1. After one of our long walks, I would ask you to lie on your back. Then I would put a funnel in your mouth and I would pour the Tetley's bitter in.

  8. All northern bitters are ambrosia for ye gods: Theakstons, Thwaites, Tetley's, Newcastle Brown... Great poem YP and it's made me thirsty.

    1. Northsider rhymes with cider. Perhaps I should write another poem. I wonder what rhymes with Dave? Knave? Misbehave? Old Spice aftershave?

  9. Love dark amber and that looks like a nitro brew. My favorite! They're hard to find here; I had a delicious one in Scotland.

    1. Never heard the term "nitro brew" before Margaret. Are you a brewer by trade?

    2. The way it's foaming up and doesn't just have a head on the top makes me think it's brewed with nitrogen, versus carbon dioxide. I'm no brewer, but here's what I found: When it comes to carbonating beer, there are two options: carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2).

      You are familiar with CO2 because that is how almost every beer is carbonated. CO2 provides the effervescent aspects to your brew. It creates bubbles, head and releases aroma.

      The use of nitrogen to carbonate beer is not nearly as common. In fact, for the longest time, Guinness was really the only nitrogen carbonated (nitro) beer available.

      Nitro beers use a mix of about 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide. The use of nitrogen has a unique reaction in the beer. It provides a unique texture to the body of the beer that most describe as creamy.

  10. A lovely pint of Black Sheep would do me.

  11. Now I will have to look and see if we have Tetleys here. We have Tetley's tea which I dislike.

    1. Yorkshire is also the home of Tetley's tea. Both the beer and tea bgs were originally made in Leeds - twenty miles from Jean's childhood home.

  12. You should send that poem to the Tetley people and get a reward - free Tetley's for the rest of your life!

  13. When I read your subsequent post (before this one) I thought you were writing about Tetley's tea! I should have known better. LOL


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